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Ari Munkres - Stand Up Bass

Internationally acclaimed bassist Ari Munkres has been performing professionally for well over two decades. He has performed everything from classical to rock and has been excelling in the jazz world for the last ten years. One of the best gypsy jazz players in the country, he feels very fortunate to be playing with Gaucho, a group of musicians who share his abiding passion for the gypsy tradition.



Dave Ricketts - Guitar

A talented Gypsy Jazz guitarist as well as an accomplished classical player, Dave studied with William Feasley and holds a B.A. in Music from the U. of New Mexico. The CD “Django in Brussels” awoke in him a love for Gypsy Jazz, resulting in his playing for the Hot Club of San Francisco since 1999. He has performed with Kevin Nolan, Elizabeth Prior-Runnicles and Evan Price, and has toured to places as varied as Iceland, Amsterdam, Mexico and Samois-sur-Seine (Django’s final home.) These experiences combined with his classical background have enriched Dave‘s approach to Django's music.



Rob Reich - Accordion

Rob Reich has been playing music on various instruments since age three. After receiving his degree in composition from Oberlin Conservatory, he began focus on what is now his primary instrument, the accordion. Besides being a longtime member of Gaucho, Rob performs regularly with The Nice Guy Trio and Tin Hat. He contributes a passionate and playful musicality to all the music he approaches. More info at



Craig Ventresco - Guitar

guitar player
he heard Django and then
realized what is old is new


Craig brings his perspective to the Gaucho mix with gratitude to be able to play the music with such fine practitioners.


Steve Apple - Percussion

Steve Apple started playing drums at the age of five on a “Tony the Tiger” drumset supplied by his very tolerant mother. At age 14 he started playing Traditional Jazz with the Churchill Street Jazz Band at Palo Alto High School and knew right away that he’d found his natural musical genre. His major influences are Davey Tough and Ray Bauduc, as well as later drummers such as Wayne Jones and Hal Smith. He’s played with many Bay Area “Trad” and Swing bands including the Magnolia Jazz Band, The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, Professor Plum’s Jazz and many others. He spent two years filling in for Beth Goodfellow with Gaucho starting in 2011 and enthusiastically became the regular drummer in 2013. He enjoys playing a supportive role for his band-mates and he LOVES playing for dancers.



Ralph Carney - Horns

Probably best known as Tom Waits' main horn player since 1985, multi-instrumentalist Ralph Carney has an impressive résumé that is deep as it is wide. During his two-decade career, Carney has worked with David Thomas, Bill Laswell, Victoria Williams, Marc Ribot, Grant Lee Buffalo, Allen Ginsberg and Kathy Acker, and has played saxophone, clarinet, harmonica and trumpet. However, the banjo was his first love, and he immersed himself in it, along with bluegrass and country blues, as he grew up in Akron, OH. As time went on he embraced jazz and rock, and punk in particular; his involvement with the burgeoning Ohio punk scene included a stint with the group Tin Huey. This early eclecticism shaped Carney into a versatile sideman as well as a wide-ranging solo artist, as his 1997 debut Ralph Sounds and 1999 follow-up I Like You (A Lot) proved. Both albums ranged from Krautrock to Dixieland jazz, and featured him playing everything from sax to musical saw to pan pipes.